Are promises of safety worth our freedom?

“I confess that I get quite upset when people like MPs tell me the Regulations are necessary for our ?safety?. Indeed, I am now of the opinion that the word ?safety? when used by politicians and bureaucrats is the most dangerous word in the English language. It is the only word that over-rides critical analysis in the population and leads the average citizen to willingly give up freedoms.”

Shawn Buckley is a constitution lawyer who lives in Kamloops, BC. He is being interviewed by Vinny Eastwood. Shawn Buckley talks about a number of court cases he has been involved with, including Strauss Heart Drops of Kamloops, BC and Truehope of Raymond, AB.

The stories about both companies are extremely instructive as to how our government perceives our autonomy, or lack thereof. He introduces a term called rent-seeking, where large companies influence governments to increase regulation which makes it more difficult for smaller companies to access the market.

Large companies like this policy because they can maintain a larger market share or even a monopoly by making it difficult for newcomers to enter the market. Bureaucracy likes this policy because it grows their power and influence. Please watch if you would like to learn more about Health Canada’s promises of improved safety at the rock bottom price of your personal freedoms.