Birthday Chocolate Ice Cream


There is nothing like fresh raspberries on homemade raw ice cream.

2-3 raw pastured eggs
1/4c raw local honey
1/4c organic cocoa powder
4c raw cream
1T organic vanilla extract
small amount of liqueur, if desired

In Dietary Dangers the Weston A Price Foundation consider chocolate a food to avoid. Cocoa and very dark chocolate may have some health benefits in small qualities but most commercial chocolate is full of chemical additives. If you consume chocolate on special occasions the best options are using organic cocoa powder or organic cocoa nibs. If you must purchase chocolate choose a very dark chocolate from a high quality Chocolatier.

This ice cream is a holiday favorite in our household. If you cannot find raw cream, use a quality organic whipping cream without additives. Using a raw local honey is a great way to help your immune system if you have seasonal allergies, but the honey must be local and raw to be helpful. Blend the honey, egg yolks, cocoa powder and vanilla together and then add the cream. Pour the ingredients into an ice cream maker or use a shallow container in the freezer. For more information about making ice cream without a machine please read Cream, Cream and More Ice Cream.

When ready to serve, put ice cream in chilled bowls. Add a small amount of a liqueur that goes well with chocolate, if desired. Here is a list of liqueurs.