Call To Action: Raw Milk and Food Freedom


Raw milk seized by the Fraser Health Authority from Home On The Range (Our Cows). This is what can happen to your food if the state decides you do not have a right to consume that food. Photo from Gordon Watson.

I received an email today from Barbara Schellentberg of the Weston A Price Foundation Vancouver Chapter. She is one of the shareholders with Our Cows, once called Home On The Range, a herdshare program in Chilliwack, BC. They are trying to get 10,000 signatures in the hope of stopping the government from infringing on their right to enjoy the products of their herd. If you would like to support this group’s right to drink raw milk from their own herd, without onerous government interference, please sign the petition:
Support Food Freedom Petition

Here is Alice Jongerden speaking at Occupy Vancouver about how she was once a farmer until the Government said “No!”

Here is a link to a video about a Raw Milk Rally with Michael Schmidt on October 12, 2011. Michael Schmidt should be an inspiration to all citizens of Canada opposing oppressive bureaucracies. Michael Schmidt has been fighting the Government of Canada for over seventeen years trying to ensure you have food freedom. If you would like to learn more about his work please go here.


Caroline Cooper
Weston A Price Foundation Kamloops Chapter

Updated October 17, 2011: Here is an essay by Karen Selick of the Canadian Constitution Foundation about liberty and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. She says: “Totalitarianism is the name for a political regime in which virtually all aspects of citizens? lives are subject to state control.”
The Courts Are Milking Their Power for All It?s Worth

3 thoughts on “Call To Action: Raw Milk and Food Freedom

  1. Dear Alice and Michael,

    I have signed your petition. Thank you for fighting for our collective food freedom. It deeply saddens me that we are living in a time where a United States judge can say we don?t have a right to consume milk from our own cows and our own British Columbia laws state raw milk is a ?health hazard?.

    We have an upside down world. If this trend continues, we will find ourselves no longer able to grow food in our gardens or eat the products of our animals. We will have to buy all our food from the large multinational companies. There will not be a local food system, nor local food security. This is the time to protect our farmers and those brave enough to stand up for our collective food freedom.

    My thoughts, and prays, are with you. May the universe give you the strength to continue this fight. I am sorry that more people are not ?awake? to what they will lose, if you are not triumphant.


    Caroline Cooper
    Weston A Price Foundation Kamloops Chapter

  2. Hi John,

    I have wondered who really runs the country too. I don’t have an answer. If there is a secret group pulling the strings of government, following the money trail usually leads to the top.

    In our country we have elected politicians, appointed or hired government officials, and the courts. Politicians are “sacrificed” every four years for the perceived “sins” of the government but the government’s bureaucracy never changes. Ideally, the courts are there to resolve conflicts between citizens and protect citizens from the excesses of government control. Unfortunately, the courts have become so expensive the average family would spend a year’s gross income for one or two days in court. Getting the court to solve our problems has become a pipe-dream for everyone except the very wealthy.

    I know this is a bleak picture but this is what we have to work with as citizens of Canada. We have a lot of freedom in Canada. But when our personal needs come up against what the government bureaucracy wants us to do, we find out how little power we truly have as individuals. For me, I feel like a slave. Please see this Karen Selick’s writing on Liberty and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

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