Canadian Government Appeals Michael Schmidt’s Acquittal

Yes, our fair government has appealed Michael Schmidt’s acquittal. (This is your tax money in action.) The Government of Canada is appealing our rights to jointly own a herd of animals and hire someone to care, milk and pasture those animals. I guess the government is also appealing our rights to choose the types of foods we see as healthy in the name of safety. This is a sad day for food security and food freedom. This sounds more like an issue about control than safety. Here are a few links:
1. Crown Files an Appeal on February 11, 2010
2. Province Refuses to Accept Raw Milk Acquittal
3. Michael Schmidt at Queen’s Park News Conference

Every time I get approached I make it very clear, that the ruling did not legalize raw milk at all. This ruling acknowledged and clarified the limitations of the state’s jurisdiction…We are over regulated, we are over controlled, and we are forced into an environment of compliance through fear… This raw milk debate is about basic rights, which we have lost and which we are losing every time this Government passes another regulation without considering the most important factor of liberty and individual rights… This raw milk battle is about basic food rights.
Michael Schmidt

Where large populations are controlled by a small number of individuals for their own benefit, it would be to the interest of kings, czars, nobles, etc. that the masses be educated in a way that render them slave-like in mentality. The language of wrongness, “should” and “have to” is perfectly suited for this purpose: the more people are trained to think in terms of moralistic judgements that imply wrongness and badness, the more they are being trained to look outside themselves – to outside authorities – for the definition of what constitutes right, wrong, good and bad. When we are in contact with our feeling and needs, we humans no longer make good slaves and underlings.
Marshall Rosenberg

Updated April 5, 2010: If you would like to read the Judgment from His Worship P. Kowarsky Justice of the Peace for Regina V M. Schmidt on January 21, 2010.