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I have been trying to get off coffee for a few years now. I stop then start again, hoping I can just have a cup once or twice a week. This never happens for me. I start again, and I am up to 4-6 shots of espresso each day within a few weeks. There are a number of reasons why I want to get off coffee permanently. My biggest reason is the fear of complete adrenal exhaustion. If you would like to learn more about adrenal fatigue and adrenal exhaustion please read Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by James L. Wilson.

This week I decided to stop coffee. I wanted to have a taste test of a number of coffee substitutes available in Kamloops. I found three brands at Nutter’s health food store. Just as a warning for people on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, these coffee substitutes are “illegal” and not allowed on the diet. The reason is because of reactions to chicory root which has large amounts of fructooligosaccharides. Please go to the Breaking the Vicious Cycle website for a Legal and Illegal Food List.

I taste tested with my children three coffee substitutes:
1. Krakus Instant Coffee Substitute: At $5.99 for 250g it was the cheapest substitute. One teaspoon of the product is added to hot water. My children liked this substitute the best. I found it very good too.
2. Nutrimax Instant Dandelion Blend: At $7.99 for 80g it was the second cheapest substitute. One half teaspoon of this product is added to hot water. I liked the taste of this substitute best, but only marginally more than the Krakus. For the extra cost, I was on the fence as to my preference.
3. Teeccino Herbal Coffee Alternative: At $12.99 for 240g it was the most expensive. It uses standard coffee preparation methods, so if the ritual of coffee making is part of your enjoyment, you might like this product more. It requires one half tablespoon of product to make a cup, which makes this product very expensive. My children and I both didn’t like the aftertaste of this product.

3 thoughts on “Coffee Substitute Taste Test

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  2. I started making chai to quit coffee, for me it worked wonderfully. You can vary the recipe-with coconut milk, or other milk substitutes. The fresh ginger root, cardamon, and pepper are all warming. It can be made with tea or without. It allows for lots of variations, cinnamon, fennel, etc., it can be sweetened or not.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    I love chai too. I think for most people it would help break the coffee habit. I do have some sort of sensitivity to black and white teas, even organic teas. Something in the processing irritates my bladder and makes me feel like I have to urinate even with an empty bladder.

    I ended up using matcha to get off coffee. This is where I get my matcha. $71.00 for a pound of organic matcha is a very good price:

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