My name is Caroline Cooper and I’m the Publisher of There are many different definitions of what is healthy food. My view is that healthy food is something my great grandmother would recognize. This means:

  • fresh local sources of food
  • pastured, grassfed animals
  • eating with the seasons
  • traditional methods of food processing

Much of this website is based on the work of Dr Weston A Price. Dr Price researched traditional populations, both before and after contact with Western civilization. He discovered that people eating traditional diets had perfectly formed teeth and did not suffer from degenerative diseases. The first generation that consumed what he called the “displacing foods of modern commerce” had severe tooth decay. The children raised on this diet were born with crowded teeth, had many cavities and were susceptible to infections and modern degenerative diseases.

A copy of Dr Price’s research work?Nutrition and Physical Degeneration?is available at the Kamloops Public Library or you can read an online version of the book. A summary of the Characteristics of Traditional Diets, Dietary Guidelines and Dietary Dangers is available at the Weston A Price Foundation.

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