Diabetes: A Modern Epidemic


This book is required reading for anyone newly diagnosed with Diabetes.

I became very interested in diabetes a few years ago as I started realizing it was an emerging epidemic. Something is very wrong with the diabetic’s metabolism. It is a strange disease that ages the sufferers at an increased rate. Whatever the diabetic is doing wrong, it’s something we as a population are doing wrong.

Diabetes is a modern epidermic. Once a disease of old age, it is now an emerging disease of children. This is a serious situation. According to the Center for Disease Control, a child born after 2000 will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. All because we as a population are doing something new that is making us all sick very slowly.

So, what is it? I have researched this question for about two years. There is a lot of controversy out there about the causes of diabetes. There seems to be very little interest in really curing diabetes. The focus is on the management of symptoms and making sure the patient can be just like everyone else. If you want to be just like everyone else, please go to the Canadian Diabetes Association website and they will fix you up with a nice normal diet and some insulin and medication.

For those of you who are willing to make some big changes in your life, I might have a lead on a cure. I found a wonderful little book called Life Without Bread: How a Low-carbohydrate Diet Can Save Your Life by Christian Allen and Wolfgang Lutz. It is an easy book to read when you are scared out of your mind, having just learned you have diabetes. It is available in the Kamloops Public Library.

The diet limits the diabetic’s daily carbohydrate load to under 72gm. This will cure diabetes in over 90% of patients. If you have cancer, reading this book and following the program, may avoid a re-occurrence. Of course, use all the WAPF methods of food preparation.

I have personally seen what this program can do. It has had excellent results in the people who can follow the program. If you decide to go for the cure, update me with your progress and any problems. If more people know about this program, at least people have the choice between palliative care or cure.

A good essay on diabetes is called Treating Diabetes: Practical Advice for Combating a Modern Epidemic by Dr Tom Cowan. Here is a WAPF book review for Life Without Bread.

Updated March 14, 2010: This is a link to an audio presentation with Dr Joseph Mercola and Dr Richard Johnson. Dr Johnson has been researching the mechanism of how uric acid is a major component of obesity, high blood pressure and kidney disease. He found fructose will increase uric acid formation and quickly cause insulin resistance in human pilot studies. I have said before that fructose is one of the worst food additives. This is another good reason to stop eating all processed industrial foods.