is Now Carrying Gort’s Raw Gouda

We are an overfed and undernourished nation.

If you have been having trouble finding a good raw cheese in Kamloops, is now carrying Gort’s Raw Gouda. If you have never heard of Gort’s Gouda Cheese Farm, they are an organic, pasture based dairy in Salmon Arm, BC. They use only natural ingredients with no added preservatives. They produce a whole range of cheeses including many types of Gouda, Maasdammer, and Feta. They also have a range of fresh products including: organic, non-homogenized milk, Bulgarian yogurt, cream, and Quark. I think Gort’s makes a world class raw Gouda.

Maybe you are wondering what is so great about raw cheese. The first reason is the taste and texture of raw cheese. It’s an easy, nourishing snack food. But it doesn’t end there. Raw cheese is much better for you and easier to digest even for people who have trouble with fresh whole milk. The natural process of fermentation increases the vitamin B and C content in the raw cheese. The natural process of fermentation provides beneficial bacteria, lactase, enzymes, and lactic acid which aids in digestion of dairy products. These same beneficial bacteria also protect us from pathogens that could make us sick. If you are thinking: “What, there aren’t any healthy bacteria! We need to sterilize our food for it to be safe.” Please read What is a Healthy Gut? We may have made a Faustian bargain when we chose “sterilization” over promoting “healthy bacteria” in our foods. These healthy bacteria help support a healthy immune system. Sure, the sterilized foods last longer but these devitalized foods may be slowly killing us. In our attempt to control pathological bacteria in our food, we have replaced these difficult and sometimes deadly organisms with an evil brew of sterilizing chemicals. Along with killing the pathological bacteria, we kill the helpful bacteria that might protect and improve our health. We do not know the long term consequences to our health, our children’s health, or to the greater environment from this toxic brew of chemicals.

We are now selling bulk blocks of raw Gouda. The blocks are approximately one kilogram. We are selling the cheese for $25.00 per kilogram. Cash only. The raw cheese will age naturally in your fridge, so don’t worry about having too much cheese. It’s impossible! Just email us at info(a) to ensure we have raw cheese in stock. We can give you a sample of raw cheese to make sure you like it before you purchase.