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We are no longer bring Green Pastures products into Canada. Please order directly from Green Pastures.

This month Green Pastures offered all Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leaders the option of making wholesale purchases for the benefit of chapter members. This means we can all benefit from these excellent products. is now a distributor for Green Pastures. We will carry fermented cod liver oil, fermented skate liver oil, high vitamin butter oil, and extra virgin coconut oil.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil.

High Vitamin Butter Oil

Green Pastures high-vitamin butter oil.

In Dr. Weston A. Price’s book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, he did studies with children from mill families during a severe industrial depression. These children were chosen because they had developed severe tooth decay. He fed the children one nourishing meal a day and supplemented their diets with cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil. After seven months on the supplemental diet, the children’s teeth had re-mineralized and the teeth were saved. The health and behavior of the children had improved. Below is a description of the supplemental meal from Nutrition and Physical Degeneration:
The diet provided these children in the supplemental meal was as follows: About four ounces of tomato juice or orange juice and a teaspoonful of a mixture of equal parts of very high-vitamin, natural cod liver oil and an especially high-vitamin butter oil was given at the beginning of the meal. The child then received a bowl containing approximately a pint of a very rich vegetable and meat stew, made largely from bone marrow and fine cuts of tender meats. The meat was usually broiled separately to retain its juice and then chopped very fine and added to the bone-marrow meat soup, which always contained finely chopped vegetables and plenty of very yellow carrots. The next course consisted of cooked fruit, with very little sweetening, and rolls made from freshly ground whole wheat and spread with high vitamin butter. The wheat for the rolls was ground fresh every day in a motor-driven coffee mill. Each child was given also two glasses of fresh whole milk. The menu was varied from day to day by substituting for the meat stew fish chowder or organs of animals.

Fermented Skate Liver Oil

Green Pastures fermented skate liver oil.

Unfortunately, the cod liver oil produced today is not the same product used by Dr. Weston A. Price in his study. Most modern cod liver oil is refined to such a point that the natural vitamins are removed. Some processors add back synthetic vitamins. If you would like to read more about this topic please read Cod Liver Oil.

Update November 11, 2009: For more information about which Green Pasture’s products is carrying, please read Questions and Answers.

Undated December 27, 2009: Need some more proof? I have just found a very informative blog by Stephan Guyenet called Whole Health Source. This is a link to his writings about Dental Health. There are many very good photos and references for further reading on the topic.

Undated January 4, 2010: This is a link to an online version of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.