Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal


This book tells the sad story of how farmers are being made into criminals because of onerous government regulation.

I just finished reading a very interesting book by Joel Salatin called: Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal. Joel Salatin runs Polyface Farm which disregards conventional industrial farming methods. They have designed a system of “perennial prairie polyculture” which includes tree planting, a massive composting program and pond development. They have invented a unique system of portable animal shelters which is part of a daily rotation of pasture. All their animals are grassfed. This daily rotation of pasture is followed by successive use of the pasture by different types of farm animals. By stacking different farm animals on a pasture and using the animals natural abilities they achieve a robust farm ecosystem with the input of human management.

Unfortunately, everything innovative he wants to do is illegal. Government regulation makes it difficult or impossible for him to offer food to his local community in a sensible and cost effective way. He has found many possible innovations die on the drawing board because the government regulations are set up for conventional industrial farming. The new operation does not have the ability to test new products on the market before committing to a large financial investment. He feels small operators need to be exempt from excessive rules or innovation will be stifled. If you would like to read this book it is available through inter-library loan at the Kamloops Public Library.

Joel Salatin, Micheal Pollan and Will Allen are featured in a new documentary called Fresh. It is about sustainable agriculture and small family farms. If you would like to get more information about this documentary go to: www.freshthemovie.com.