Within 300 km of Kamloops

Beaver Valley Livestock Services
Wally and Lea Hengstler
Box 82, Big Lake, BC, V0L 1G0
T: 250.243.2257, F: 250.243.0068
natural pastured pork

Berkana Berry Farm
Mona Illerbrun
6730-C-4 Fawn Creek Rd., RR #1 Lone Butte, BC, V0K 1X0
T: 250.395.7758
E: berkana(a)uniserve.com
197 km
certified EFP: pesticide and chemical-free saskatoon berries, raspberries, mint tea, organically raised free range pheasant, chicken, eggs, farm tours

Cariboo Apiaries
Bob Meredith
Box 287, 4007 Moha Rd, Lillooet, BC, V0K 1V0
T: 250.256.7231 or 250.256.0262
170 km
pure, unpasteurized honey, bee pollen, beeswax blocks and candles, hand lotion, furniture polish, natural soap, tours

Cariboo Berkshires
Ed and Patty Smith
Box 58, Big Lake, BC, V0L 1G0
T: 250.243.2063 or C: 250.267.3235
E: edandpatty(a)xplornet.ca
pastured Berkshire hogs, breeder for Berkshire hogs

Circle H Ranch
Ann Armann
7190 Watch Lake Rd, Box 14, Lone Butte, BC, V0K 1X0
T: 250.395.0138
E: terracwheights(a)hotmail.com or annarmann(a)highlandponies.ca
197 km
naturally raised beef and lamb, pepperoni sticks, cured sausage, highland pony viewing

Family Farm Natural Meats Ltd
Tina Johnson
Box 61, Forest Grove, BC, V0K 1M0
T: 250.397.2547
E: info(a)familyfarmnaturalmeats.com
natural grass-fed beef, pastured pork and lamb, free-range turkeys and chickens

Happy Destiny Homestead
Rob Bourassa
6010 Goudie Road, Kelowna, BC, V1P 1M4
T: 250-765-0855
E: rbourassa73(a)hotmail.com
Free range eggs; breeder of purebred Jersey cattle, purebred Nubian and Saanen goats, Chickens (standard: Plymouth Rock, Australorp, Orpington; bantam: Plymouth Rock, Old English Game, Belgian Bearded D’Uccle), Waterfowl (Saxony, Welsh Harlequin, Cayuga, East Indie, and Call Ducks), Brown Chinese Geese.

K&M Farms
Mark Robbins
28494 Maclure Rd, Abbotsford, BC, V4X 1L4
T: 604.857.8912, F: 604.857.8916
E: kmfarms(a)shaw.ca
natural pastured turkeys and chickens, fresh turkeys available for Thanksgiving and Christmas

MT Glasslands
Melanie and Tobias Reinelt
Box 7, Redstone, BC, V0L 1S0
E: melireinelt(a)hotmail.com
T: 250.394.7747
grassfinished lamb by whole or side, cut and wrapped, distributor for: Redmond RealSalt, Redmond Clay, Hope’s Harvest organic coconut oil, Mosquito Barrier