Ghee Coconut Creamer for Camping


Ghee Coffee Creamer is a good cream substitute for camping season. If you like butter, ghee is stable without refrigeration making it a great camping or emergency food.

It’s camping season. While traveling it can be difficult to find sources of nourishing traditional foods. Usually, I like organic cream in my morning coffee but organic cream can be difficult (or impossible) to find outside of cities. In the past when I couldn’t get quality cream or raw milk I made a coconut-based substitute. This is an updated version of Coconut Coffee Creamer using ghee rather than butter.

Ghee travels and stores much better than butter. If you are going into the backcountry and want buttery trout or wildcrafted greens, ghee is the answer. You can buy commercial organic ghee but making your own will save you about half the cost.

Ghee will also store well as emergency food in your car or camper. If you would like more information about emergency rations please see Emergency Preparation: Fasting or Ketogenic Rations. There’s a link to the whole series about household emergency preparation too.

Homemade Ghee

1 pound unsalted, organic butter
Ghee is very easy to make. Take one pound of unsalted, organic butter and slowly heat in a sauce pan. Simmer the butter for 15-20 minutes skimming off the lactose that bubble to the top. Strain the golden ghee through some cheese cloth to get out the remaining lactose. Some people cook the ghee to a nut brown color for Indian cooking but I prefer using golden ghee.

Ghee Coconut Creamer

1/3c organic coconut oil
1/3c organic creamed coconut
1/3c ghee made from unsalted, organic butter
In a food processor, blend the coconut oil and creamed coconut together with the warm ghee. The Ghee Coconut Creamer should last 1-2 months without refrigeration. 2-3 tablespoons for each liter of coffee is about right.

For more information about the benefits of using coconut products in your daily coffee please see: Coconut Coffee Creamer.

For more tips about nourishing traditional food preparation while traveling please see: Eating Nourishing Traditional Foods While Traveling.