Healthy Household: Rosemary Rose Shampoo and Hair Wash

2c distilled water or filtered water
2T dried rose petals
2T dried rosemary leaves
1c liquid Castile soap
3T aloe vera gel (optional)
1/4tsp jojoba oil (optional)
30 drops rosemary essential oil

Put dried rose petals and rosemary leaves into a canning jar. Add boiling distilled or filtered water. (Distilled water is better if you want the shampoo to last longer, but it is not necessary.) Allow the dried materials and boiling water to steep for 4 hours. This is called an infusion. After the rose petal and rosemary infusion cools, it is ready for use. Carefully strain the plant materials out of the water. For best results, use a fine weaved cheese cloth to remove the small particles from the water. Squeeze out all the liquid possible. Use 1c for the shampoo and 1c for the hair wash.

Find a plastic bottle that can take about two and a half cups of fluid. Add the liquid castile soap, aloe vera gel, jojoba oil and rosemary essential oil. Add the rose petal and rosemary infusion and carefully mix the ingredients together. Shake the shampoo each time before using.

If you would like to personalize this recipe try try these substitutions:
Light Hair: add 2T chamomile or calendula to the infusion in place of the rosemary and rose
Dark Hair: add 2T nettle or sage to the infusion in place of the rosemary leaves and rose petals
Dry Hair: increase the jojoba oil to 1tsp
Dandruff: use 30 drops of tea tree essential oil in place of the rosemary essential oil

Herbal Hair Wash
1c raw apple cider vinegar
1c herb infused water of choice

In a plastic bottle add cider vinegar to herb infused water of choice. Use after shampooing to remove soap residue. Rinse out after use.

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