Healthy Household: Sage Tooth Powder

1/4c sea salt, finely ground
1/4c white Kaoline cosmetic clay (optional)
1/4c baking soda
2T organic sage, finely ground
30 drops of peppermint essential oil

The Kaoline clay is a common ingredient in the polish that dentists use. The sage helps to whiten teeth. This tooth powder will help keep your teeth clean and gums healthy. Mix the sea salt, white Kaoline cosmetic clay, and baking soda together in a bowl. Grind the sage into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle and mix with the other ingredients. Add the essential oil and mix well again. Put in a small container and use a pinch or two on a wet toothbrush. No, it doesn’t taste great but it is safer than commercial tooth paste.

For some alternative tooth powders, replace the peppermint essential oil with:
1. 30 drops myrrh gum essential oil
2. 30 drops cinnamon essential oil
3. 20 drops tea tree essential oil

For more recipes please see Healthy Household: Staying Clean Safely and Saving Money.

5 thoughts on “Healthy Household: Sage Tooth Powder

  1. Natural cleaning solutions! I love this! My favorite natural cleaner is white vinegar. Great for glass and shower doors. This is the also the BEST toilet cleaner. Pour in about a cup, let sit for 10 minutes to an hour (or more) and swish. All clean. (If not, just repeat.)

    Re: Toothpaste. I saw the dentist yesterday, and not only do I have no cavities; the hygienist commented that I must brush and floss often because I had no plaque. (I did have coffee stains though.) Shamefully, I admitted that my last cleaning was 5 years prior. My probable secret? Baking soda; also used by my Great Grandmother, who died with all of her teeth at age 92. Tastes yucky, but you get used to it. And hey, no plaque.

  2. Hi Holly,

    Good to hear from you! I think baking soda makes a great tooth cleaner. Some of the simplest solutions are the best. Do you have any suggestions for a really good liquid dish detergent? I have tried a number of recipes but nothing seems to really cut the grease.

  3. Going to try this. I still have a full quart jar of dried sage left from my harvest and this will be a fun way to use some of it. Thank you for the recipe – toothpaste is one of the few things I haven’t made yet.

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