Vision of an Urban Homestead


Join me on a journey to find quality local food to fill the plates of my family and friends.

I see a city where in every neighbourhood there is at least one person committed to knowing everything that is produced in the local area. That person would also be committed to teaching others how to produce a garden suitable for the local conditions and how to introduce animals and fowl into the urban landscapte safely and without conflict.

Groups of people would join together to change local bylaws to bring local, unsprayed food and free-range animals back into our individual control. This means overturning laws that criminalize people for producing food, trading or selling to neighbours.

Groups of neighbours would exchange the bounty of their yards with other neighbours. This community of interested people will be committed to safe, nutritious? and local food. There are some foods that cannot be produced in the city and the community would support the local ranchers and farmers.

There will be members of the community that would not be interested or able to grow a garden or raise livestock. These ranchers and farmers will produce their food. The food the city person buys will keep the farmers and ranchers in business, along with keeping their knowledge alive for another generation.

I would like to see this structure spread from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, city to city and across the country.