Homegrown Revolution


This is an enormous beef concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) in California, US. The smell radiated for miles in all directions. There were signs everywhere not to take photos. If you want to avoid this kind of meat you will need to build a relationship with a local rancher to get pastured animals.


This is a picture of a dairy concentrated animal feedlot operation (CAFO) in California, US. It was a humongous operation with signs all over the place not to take photos. If you drink milk from the industrial food system your milk comes from a place like this.

This YouTube short video is called Homegrown Revolution. It was forwarded to me by a member of the Kamloops Urban Hen Movement. Watch their website for more information about an upcoming showing of the full length film.

If you’re hungry for more, watch The Meatrix, a spoof on the hit film The Matrix. Just give me an oink if you like it.