Healthy Household: Homemade Medical Kits


Here is my family’s personal Medical Kit. What you include will depend on the health conditions in your family. Not seen here is ionic silver, a new addition to our medical kit.

Homemade Medical Kits are very personal. Everyone’s medical needs are different. What you need to bring along depends on the health conditions in your family. When personalizing your own medical kit, don’t blindly follow a list. Only include remedies and materials that you understand how to use and that work for your family at home.

I developed this medical kit after spending some time learning about herbal remedies and homeopathy. I have made a number of remedies such as: herbal extracts, bug spray, lozenges and salves. You can find many helpful recipes here: Staying Clean Safely and Saving Money. Again, experiment at home with remedies before adding a new item to your medical kit.

I have five essential oils that I have purchased and put into travel sized bottles. Some items I have purchased. I also bring along band-aids and standard over-the-counter pain medication. All the items fit into a black padded bag that comes with my family wherever we go.

Homemade Remedies
Angelica Extract
Echinacea Extract
Flora Bitter Extract
Ginger Extract
Licorice Extract
Yarrow Extract
Valerian Extract
Organic Tea Tree Oil
Organic Cloves Oil
Organic Lavender Oil
Organic Sage Oil
Organic Eucalyptus Oil
Erika’s Rosemary Salve
Licorice Lozenges
Yarrow Bug Spray

Herbal Remedies
Mountain Rose Herbs Chamomile Hydrosol
Mountain Rose Herbs Wormwood Extract
Gaia Garden Herbals White Willow Bark Extract
Gaia Garden Herbals Meadowsweet Extract
Aromaforce Oregano Oil
Bach Rescue Remedy
Traumeel Homepathic Preparation
Traumeel Cream
Homeocan Calendula Cream
Helios Basic 36 Remedies
Sovereign Ionic Silver

Cloth band-aids, assorted sizes
Antiseptic towelettes
Telfa pads, assorted sizes
Paper bag
Small Sewing Kit: needles, thread, etc