Local Raw Cheese Tour

Today I took my daughter on a raw cheese tour of the local producers. Our first stop was The Village Cheese in Armstrong, BC. They have the cheese factory visible from the store. The Village Cheese has one raw cheddar which we sampled on site. It is a sharp, rich and full flavored cheese. I bought a five pound block for $64.15.

Our second stop was to Gord’s Gouda in Salmon Arm, BC. The farm was a little hard to find but well worth the effort. They have a store on the farm and samples are available for all their cheeses. All of Gort’s cheeses are made with milk coming from organic, pasture fed cows. This is as good as it gets when it comes to raw or pasteurized cheeses.

They have two types of raw cheese: gouda and maasdammer. I tried the old, medium and mild gouda. The flavor was mellow, rich and complex, with a spicy after flavor. I bought a ten pound round for $67.19 including a 10% bulk purchase discount.

While I was looking around the store, I saw some organic, pastured, non-homogenized whole milk in glass containers! I was informed Gort’s Gouda had just started producing milk in the last two months. Now, I love raw milk but it is unavailable for sale in Canada. (If you want to know why I love raw milk, read More About Raw Milk and find out.) An organic, pastured, non-homogenized milk is the best milk available for sale in Canada. Gort’s milk comes in 1.89L glass containers with a $2.00 refundable deposit and costs $4.95. It is presently being sold at the farm store.

Gort’s has a Bulgarian yogurt with a tangy, creamy texture. I was very happy to see 7% milk fat in the yoghurt. It costs $6.21 for 750gm. When I opened Gort’s pasteurized heavy cream, I almost cried. The cream has a thick, rich yellow hue, the sign of an exceptional product. This cream is the real thing and a steal at $5.43 for 750gm. I will see if I can arrange shipment to Kamloops and keep everyone posted.

March 24, 2009 Update: Heartland Foods is now carrying Gort’s milk, cream, quark and yoghurt. Please call ahead if you would like a weekly order.