Sugar Free Halloween?


What do you think about a skeleton riding a bicycle? Would our children find Hallaween a deeper experience if it wasn't all about candy?

Could it be possible? Could we have a sugar free Halloween? This is the hope of Jill Escher of She is the founder of the first annual Sugar Addiction Awareness Day (SAAD) which is happening on October 30, 2011. Jill says, “the point of SAAD is to enlighten as many people as we can about the reality of sugar and refined food addictions, and provide general guidance about overcoming them. Halloween is the perfect hook for this important message.

Here are some of Jill’s ideas for a sugar free Halloween:

  1. Make a sugar free Halloween poster and post it on your front door: “Sugar-Free Halloween House” or “This House Not Haunted by Junk Food”.
  2. Instead of handing out candy at the front door give children: pencils, toys, books, glow-in-the-dark sticks, necklaces, masks, fortunes without the cookies, funny jewelry, small school supplies, quarters, or other fun alternatives.
  3. Hand out custom made bracelets or buttons with sugar free messages such as: “I’m a Sugar-Free Kid” or “Say Boo to Junk Food”.
  4. Find something your children want and make an exchange for your children’s Halloween candy. Find a local dentist who will “buy” Halloween candy. Offer to “buy” Halloween candy from your neighborhood children.
  5. If permitted, hold a Candy Bonfire in your yard’s fire pit. Invite the local children to burn their junk food in the fire and watch. (warning: messy!)
  6. Work with other families on your block to turn yours into a candy free street. Organize a Halloween block party with fun activities that don’t include junk food.
  7. Take the Sugar Is Spooky Challenge and have your whole family go sugar free on Halloween and the following week.
  8. Don’t participate in the Halloween tradition. Turn off the porch light and enjoy a quiet evening without adding to your local community’s sugar load.

October 30th is Sugar Addiction Awareness Day! Are you going to have a sugar free Halloween?

December 8, 2012: Here is a documentary called Big Sugar: Sweet, White and Deadly by Brian McKenna. Join the movement to have a sugar-free Halloween.

December 30, 2012: Diet plays a very big roll in mental health. Here is a lecture by Dr Russell Blaylock about how poor nutrition can bring a young person into a world of violence, crime, depression and suicide. Not very sweet news.