Supplements or Superfoods

In our fast paced world, eating nutritious food can seem impossible. The medical profession will often recommend a daily vitamin and mineral supplement as “insurance” against poor eating habits. It seems so easy to just take a pill a day, and forget about the whole problem. When a person starts thinking like this, it’s not much of a leap to believe that taking extra supplements will protect against a really poor diet. But how well does this practice really work? If you would like to learn more about the Nutraceutical Industry read Dietary Supplements: What the Industry does not want you to Know by Dr. Ron Schmid.

The Weston A Price Foundation believes we should get all of our nutritional needs met by whole foods in a nutrient dense diet. Looking at the quality of our diet, and the quality of the food sources within our diet, should always be a first step.

The Weston A Price Foundation is not big on supplements unless you’re under the care of a health professional. But the use of food based supplements, known as super-foods, is supported.

If you are looking at supplementation, start with a high quality diet of unprocessed whole foods from a quality local source. Then, if you are looking for “insurance” consider a program of super-foods. Weston A Price Foundation has a standard supplement guideline for healthy people eating a nutrient dense diet:
1. fermented cod liver oil and/or fermented skate liver oil
2. high vitamin butter oil
3. variety of super-foods depending on personal needs (Here is Sally Fallon’s Guide to Superfoods.)

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