Walnut Maple Ice


This is homemade raw ice cream topped with organic walnuts and maple syrup.

Our cow, Olivia, has not been producing a lot of cream this year. A low cream Jersey cow is an oxymoron. We are wondering if Olivia is having metabolic trouble adjusting to the low nutrient quality of our pasture compared to the scientifically designed feed of a confinement dairy. We will watch over the next year to see if Olivia’s cream production increases as her gut flora adjusts to the new environment. We are guessing she will.

This recipe was inspired by this lack of cream and has turned out to be a new favorite summer dessert in our household.

4 cups raw whole milk
4 raw pastured egg yolks
1/4c raw local honey
2T organic vanilla extract
2T soaked and dried organic walnuts, chopped (optional)
1T organic maple syrup (optional)

Using a raw local honey is a great way to help your immune system if you have seasonal allergies. But the honey must be local and raw to be helpful. Blend the honey, egg yolks and vanilla together and then add the raw milk. Pour the ingredients into an ice cream maker or use a shallow container in the freezer. For information about ice cream makers and more cool summer recipes please see Cream, Cream and More Ice Cream Recipes. The egg yolks gives this ice cream a rich yellow color. When ready to serve, top with chopped walnuts and a drizzle of maple syrup. This dessert has a wonderful light favor, which is wonderful on a hot evening.