We Have Organic, Soy-Free Eggs


Our eggs come in a number of colors and sizes. We try to feed our hens well so they can produce better eggs.

If you are looking for high quality eggs, we have eggs for sale. Our chickens are a mixed flock of heritage birds: Ameraucana, Buff Orpingtons, Danish Brown Leghorns, Buff Brahams, and Red Rock Cross. This means the egg shells are brown, white and blue.

We feed the chickens certified organic whole grains and peas from Fieldstone Granary and from local suppliers that do not spray. We supplement the chicken’s diet with kelp, oyster shells, sea salt, dolomite lime and kitchen scraps. Occasionally, the chickens get a feast of offal when we slaughter a hog. The chickens are NOT fed any soy products. During the winter the chickens are confined to a greenhouse where they can get sprouted grains, peas and sleepy bugs. During the summer the chickens are free range and get a variety of herbs, forbs, grasses and insects.

We have a small flock so there is only about two to three dozen eggs produced each day, so our egg numbers are limited. We are selling the eggs for $5.00 per dozen. Cash only. We recycle egg cartons, so please bring your old egg cartons.