In Kamloops

Berry Sweet Garden
Emma and Antonio Molina
6112 Meadowland Cr S, Kamloops, BC, V2C 5J1
T: 250.371.7125
E: berrysweetgarden(a)
blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, assorted vegetables, dry beans, u-pick

Blackwell Dairy Farm Inc
Dave Blackwell
7000 Blackwell Rd, Kamloops, BC, V2C 6V7
T: 250.573.4963
E: dairy(a)
local homo, 2%, 1%, skim, 18% table cream, whip cream, chocolate milk, ice cream

Breath of Life Wildcrafting
Al Cadorette
E: breathoflifeoils(a)
Facebook: Breath of Life Wildcrafting
hydrosols, oils, tinctures, tea blends, small batch, wildcrafted products from local bioregion

Buse Creek Ranch
Larry and Holly Campbell
9680 Hidden Vale Ranch Rd, Kamloops, BC, V2C 6W4
T: 250.573.3623
E: hcampbell(a)
grass-fed, grain finished beef and lamb, hay

Campbell Creek Farm
Kathryn Campbell
6400 Campbell Creek Rd, Kamloops, BC, V2C 6V4
T: 250.573.5865
naturally farm raised lamb, Border Cheviot crosses, pasture fed with no hormones or chemicals; processed meat at a government inspected facility only; custom cuts available upon request

Double JT Ranch
Josee and Todd Lang
6309 Buckhorn Rd, Kamloops, BC, V1S 2A1
T: 250.828.2293
E: joseetoddlang(a)
pastured chickens; breeders for Horned Dorset sheep, East Friesan and Lacuune crosses and purebred British Milk sheep
Shean and Caroline Cooper
2853 Bowers Pl, Kamloops, BC, V1S 1W5
P: 250.374.4646
E: info(a)
GO BOX Gardening Project
We write about nourishing traditional food and try to support our local farmers and ranchers!

Ewanyshyn Farm
Jill and Barry Ewanyshyn
1350 Crestwood Drive, Kamloops, BC, V2C 5H2
T: 250.573.4862
E: jillewanyshyn(a)
rabbits feed on grass, alfalfa and alfalfa pellets

Forest to Fork
Brenda Cadieux
113-1175 Rose Hill Rd, Kamloops, BC, V2E 1G9
T: 250.732.2063
E: info(a)
wild craft mushrooms (22 varieties), dried mushroom pate, wine vinegar mushrooms, dried soups and sauce mixtures

Fox Creek Farm
Justin Fellenz and Andrea Walker
6305 Westsyde Rd, Kamloops, BC
T: 250.579.8213
eggs, honey, free range pork, lamb and chicken, welding, fabrication, high tech support

Holmwood Farm
Gillian Watt
1996 Barnhartvale Rd, Kamloops, BC
T: 250.319.2361
E: holmwoodfarm(a)
grass-fed beef, lamb

Jocko Creek Ranch
Jason and Susan McGillivray
3377 Lac Le Jeune Rd, Kamloops, BC, V1S 1Z2
T: 250.374.9495
natural grass-fed and grain-finished beef, grass-finished beef by arrangement, grass-fed lamb, grass-fed veal (October and November only); veterinary services

Knoll’s Meat Rabbits
Corrina Knoll
327 Chilco Ave, Kamloops, BC, V2H 1L9
T: 250.578.0645
E: knoll99(a)
natural, government inspected rabbit meat; fed alfalfa pellets, garden clippings, alfalfa and grass hay, and free range on grass; plumbing, heating and gas fitting services

Labyrinth Farm
Jae Ewens
8133 Westsyde Rd, Kamloops, BC, V2B 8S1
T: 604.816.5577
E: labyrinth.farms(a)
Facebook Labyrinth Farm
fresh produce stand: zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, melons, peppers, leeks, potatoes and corn; free range chicken eggs; picnic area with a great view; come feed the goats; Ziggy’s farm house full of trinkets, vases, brass and books

Made with Love Urban Permaculture Farm and Grocery Manufacturing Company
Colin and Alexandra Proctor
525 Huxley Pl, Kamloops, BC, V2B 5E6
T: 250.554.5031
E: info(a)
Facebook Made with Love
Made with Love Spice Blends, herbs, veggies, cherries, peaches, nectarines, pears, apples, plums, grapes, hazelnuts, berries, hugelkultur beds, food forests, biodynamic agriculture, seed saving, wwoofers welcome

Ogilvie Stock Ranch
Jeff and Kari Lynn Dundass, Diane and Grant Hoffman, and Pam Ogilvie
5155 Long Lake Road, Knutsford, BC, V0E 2A0
T: 250.374.6151, 250.374.1185
E: jkdundass(a)
hormone free, grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb

Privato Vineyard and Winery
Debbie Woodward
5505 Westsyde Road, Kamloops, BC, V2B 8N5
T: 250.319.0919
E: dwoodward(a)
Facebook Privato Wine
Chardonnay, Pinot Noir; tasting room: May to October; winery tours by appointment

Rainbow’s Roost Farm
Ed Babcock
6675 Westsyde Rd, Kamloops, BC
T: 250.579.9906
clean farm beef, pastured pork, B&B, camping

Riverland Farm
Genevieve Stroulger
4336 Stevenson Rd, Kamloops, BC, V2H 1S8
C: 250.571.3486
pastured chicken, pastured eggs

Sullindeo Estates
Tricia Sullivan
680 Dairy Rd, Kamloops, BC, V2B 8N5
T: 250.579.9680
E: sullindeo(a)
pastured and naturally raised without medication or hormones: Cornish Giant chicken, Bronze Orlopp turkey and lamb; organic garlic, squash and pumpkin; landscaped gardens; farm and garden tours

Tranquille Farm Fresh
Tim and Annette McLeod; Shelaigh Garson, Master Gardener
4600 Tranquille Rd, Kamloops, BC
Mail: 36?2960 Tranquille Rd, Kamloops, BC, V2B 8B6
T: 250.434.9690
E: info(a)
organic vegetables, fruit, berries, honey, ancient grains; farm adventures and tours

Woodward Tree Nursery Ltd.
John and Debbie Woodward
5505 Westsyde Rd, Kamloops, BC, V2B 8N5
E: woodward(a)
Christmas trees, cold hardy deciduous trees, shade trees, conifers

Westsyde Apiaries
Ian and Betty Farber
3249 Schubert Rd, Kamloops, BC V2B 6Y4
T: 250.579.8518
E: ian_farber(a)
natural raw honey, unrefined raw honey, pollen, propolis, beewax