Cream, Cream and More Ice Cream Recipes

Making ice cream at home, will save you money, and the product will be better than anything available commercially. There are so many nasty additives in commercial ice cream. None of these additives are necessary, and some may harm your family members. In fact, commercial ice cream has become an ersatz food and should be avoided. Raw ice cream made at home is a superfood. Do not worry if your children eat a lot of this delicious food.

I have just started using a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, but a machine is not needed for making ice cream. I do not like the idea that ice cream makers have an inner lining made of aluminum. The Wise Traditions Study Group considers the aluminum used in this manner is “safe”. There is no heat used so no metal is transferred to the food.

If you do not have a ice cream maker, pour the ingredients into a shallow container and place in the freezer. Every hour, remove the container and mix the contents vigorously to break up the ice crystals. This will give a creamy smooth texture to the ice cream. If you forget about the ice cream and it freezes solid, just cut the ice cream up into small squares and blend in the food processor until smooth and creamy. I made ice cream for years with this method.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
4 cups raw cream
3 raw pastured egg yolks
1/4c raw local honey
2T organic vanilla extract
small amount of freshly ground vanilla bean (optional)
This ice cream is an all time favorite in our household. If you cannot find raw cream, use a quality organic whipping cream without additives. Using a raw local honey is a great way to help your immune system if you have seasonal allergies, but the honey must be local and raw to be helpful. Blend the honey, egg yolks and vanilla together and then add the cream. Pour the ingredients into an ice cream maker or use a shallow container in the freezer. The egg yolks gives this ice cream a rich yellow color. You will never look at the “white” color of commercial vanilla ice cream the same again.

Very Berry Ice Cream
3c raw cream
2c frozen strawberries, blueberries or cherries
2 raw pastured egg yolks
1/8c raw local honey (optional)
At this time of year, I am digging into the bottom of my deep freezers, emptying out fruit picked last season. Use a food processor to puree the frozen fruit. If you cannot find raw cream, use a quality organic whipping cream without additives. Add the other ingredients and blend. Pour the ingredients into an ice cream maker or, if?you do not have a ice cream maker, pour into a shallow container and place in the freezer. This ice cream will be ready very quickly because of the frozen fruit.

Updated July 6, 2010: Here is a recipe for Birthday Chocolate Ice Cream.

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  1. I have had a number of emails about if I sell my extra raw milk. I am sorry, but I do not. If you are looking for raw milk you have a number of options:
    1. Consider getting your own cow or goat. Your zoning on your property would need to allow livestock.
    2. Presently, there is no herd-share program in the Kamloops area. You would have to be willing to cover the cost of driving to the nearest herd-share to pick-up the milk or the cost of shipping on the bus.
    3. As I have said before, real food is better than supplements, but does sell Green Pastures Butter Oil if you cannot get a source of raw milk.

    If all of these options are not palatable, try to find the best milk in your area. In our area, Gort’s Gouda Cheese Farm makes an organic grass-fed non-homogenized pasteurized milk. The milk comes in a glass container. It would be best to ferment the milk and make your own yogurt if possible. If you find fermented pasteurized milk causes problems many people can tolerate pasteurized cream. Gort’s Gouda makes a wonderful heavy cream. Gort’s Gouda has wonderful raw gouda which you can purchase in bulk at their farm or they will ship by mail.

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