Cure Tooth Decay


This book outlines a protocol for reversing tooth decay.

I have just read Ramiel Nagel’s book called Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition. This book outlines a protocol for reversing tooth decay. This book questions a number of very well entrenched ideas about dental health. First, it questions the standard belief that bacteria, feeding on sugar in our mouths, causes tooth decay. Second, the book states it is possible to reverse and heal tooth decay.

As fantastic as these two statements may seem, there is a long history of research in this area. Dr. Weston A. Price and Dr. Melvin Page both worked on this issue and came to very interesting conclusions. Dr. Price found indigenous groups who ate raw or rare organ meats from grassfed animals, consumed raw dairy from grassfed animals, and raw or rare organs and meats from fish and shellfish, were immune to tooth decay. Dr. Price did a feeding experiment on children with rampant tooth decay. He found with proper diet and supplementation he could stop and reverse tooth decay. Please read is Now a Distributor for Green Pasture, for more information about Dr. Price’s feeding experiment.

Dr. Page did extensive research on blood chemistry and endocrine function. He found tooth decay was not caused by bacteria feeding on sugar in the mouth but a malfunction in the ratio of calcium and phosphorous in the blood. This malfunction of mineral absorption was caused by fluctuations in blood sugar levels and insulin caused mainly by… sugar. If this hypothesis is correct, managing blood sugar levels and insulin, would help to slow and possibly reverse tooth decay. This is exactly what Dr. Page did in his research. An explanation of this process can be found in Suckled by Triceratops.

Cure Tooth Decay is a summary of the work of these two dentists. The protocol is very simple. Remove all “displacing foods of modern commerce” from your diet. Eat nourishing traditional foods properly prepared from a quality source. Supplement your diet with fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil. Ramiel has done his own personal experimentation with diet and supplementation with whole foods which has helped his own dental health. He talks about the pain he experienced as a parent making decisions regarding his infant daughter’s crumbling teeth. The wonderful thing about this book it how Ramiel’s family took this very upsetting situation and transformed it into something wonderful. Through research, diligent application of principles he had learned, and experimentation, he found a solution to his family’s health problems.

Ramiel has become passionate about improving our children’s health through nutrition. Children’s health starts before conception with the quality of the parent’s diet. He has started another website dealing with the issue called Healing Our Children.

It is store food that has given us store teeth.
Earnest Hooton

December 27, 2009: Need some more proof? I have just found a very informative blog by Stephan Guyenet called Whole Health Source. This is a link to his writings about Dental Health. There are many very good photos and references for further reading on the topic.