is a Distributor for Green Pasture’s: Questions and Answers

We are no longer bring Green Pastures products into Canada. Please order directly from Green Pastures.


Fermented cod liver oil liquid is just one of the products made by Green Pastures.

Fermented Skate Liver Oil

Green Pastures fermented skate liver oil.

1. What Green Pasture’s products does carry? offers a limited number of basic products from Green Pasture’s. If you are looking for other products, please order directly from Green Pasture’s. These are the products we carry:
Fermented Cod Liver Liver (FCLO) 237mL (unflavored liquid): $49.00 plus HST
Fermented Skate Liver Oil (FSLO) 237mL (spicy orange liquid): $49.00 plus HST
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (CO) 3.8L: $79.00 (No shipping; pick-up in person only.)
High Vitamin Butter Oil (BO) 237mL (unflavored liquid): NOT AVAILABLE (See comments for why we cannot bring this product into Canada.)

High Vitamin Butter Oil

Green Pastures high-vitamin butter oil.

2. Where can I pick up my Green Pasture’s products?

Email us at to ensure the items you want are in stock. The office is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday. Please bring cash, VISA, Mastercard or debit for pick-up orders. Here is how to find
GO BOX Storage (Map to home of
2853 Bowers Place, Kamloops, BC V1S 1W5

3. What happens if I cannot come to pick up the products in Kamloops? Will you ship the products to me?

To place an order we will need your full name, email address, mailing address, telephone number, and credit card information. Please list what you would like to order. We take payment by VISA or Mastercard for mail orders. Once we have your information we will send a invoice through GO BOX Storage. You can email your VISA and Mastercard information to We have a encrypted email system for your security or you can call the office at 250.374.4646. The cost for shipping and handling within BC is $17.00 for any two bottles of Green Pasture’s product. The package is sent by Canada Post Regular Parcel service. It will have insurance for the value of your shipment and will be delivered within three days.

4. What if I want to order more than two bottles or I don’t live in BC?

We need your postal code for a shipping quote. We will need to know all the items you want to ship because the cost is based on weight and size of package. Your price will include insurance to cover the value of your products.? Shipping is by Canada Post Regular Parcel service. These rates are subject to change. Contact us for the current rate. We only ship in Canada.

5. What types of payment do you take?

If you come for pick-up in Kamloops please bring cash, VISA, Mastercard or debt. If you are getting your order by mail we can take payment by VISA or Mastercard.

6. Do you offer the volume discounts as seen on the Green Pasture’s website?

We do not offer volume discounts. Please contact Green Pasture’s directly for volume discounts.

7. How do your prices compare to ordering directly from Green Pasture’s?

Our prices are in Canadian dollars and the Green Pasture’s prices are in US dollars. If you order from Green Pasture’s, you will be responsible for the cost of shipping and any customs fees. covers the costs of bringing Green Pasture’s products into Canada. You will be responsible to cover the costs of shipping within Canada, if necessary.

8. Will you be bringing in other Green Pasture’s products in the future? only carry the basic product line of liquid FCLO, FSLO and BO. If you want specialty flavors, capsules or gels, please contact Green Pasture’s directly.

9. Can I flavor my unflavored fermented cod liver oil or high vitamin butter oil?

Yes, you can. Add one teaspoon of sea salt to the FCLO to give it a “salty cod” flavor. You could add essential oils, safe for internal consumption, to either the FCLO or the BO. To test it first, use a small amount of FCLO or BO with the essential oil to find a combination that you like.

10. I find the taste intense. What should I do?

Some people like the taste of fermented oils, but others find it unusual or unpleasant. Try chasing the product with water, raw milk, apple sauce, or a small amount of juice. Some mothers use a small amount of raw honey with their children. My children like sucking on a wedge of lemon or lime after consuming fermented oils.

11. How much FCLO or FSLO should I take daily? How many servings will I get with each bottle?

Dose is adjusted by age. Children 3 months to 12 years need 1/2tsp (2.5mL) per day. This is 95 servings per bottle. Children over 12 years and adults need 1tsp (5.0mL) per day. This is 47 servings per bottle. Pregnant and nursing women need 2tsp (10mL) per day. This is 24 servings per bottle. Please go to Cod Liver Oil Basics for further information.

12. How much BO should I take each day?

Use the same amount of BO as FCLO or FSLO for your age.

Update November 11, 2009: For more information about why is carrying Green Pasture’s products read is Now a Distributor for Green Pasture’s Products.

Updated October 13, 2012: Here is a essay by David Wetzel the owner of Green Pastures Products: Update of Cod Liver Oil Manufacture.

36 thoughts on “ is a Distributor for Green Pasture’s: Questions and Answers

  1. Hi there,

    I am interested in ordering these two products from you (I live in West Vancouver, BC):

    Fermented Cod Liver Liver (FCLO) 237mL (unflavored): $44.00
    High Vitamin Butter Oil (BO) 237mL (unflavored): $64.00

    Are they both still available?

  2. Hi Johnson,

    Please email the following information to info(a)
    1. How many of each item:
    (?) FCLO 237mL (unflavored) $44.00
    (?) FSLO 237mL (spicy orange) $44.00
    (?) BO 237mL (unflavored) $64.00
    2. Contact information:
    Postal code:
    Telephone number:

    If you have further questions or would like to order, make a list of the items you want. If you are looking to make a larger order, email your address and postal code for a shipping quote.

    If you would like to pay by credit card, include your telephone number. I will call you back or you can call me. My telephone number is 250.374.4646. Please do NOT include credit card information in your email.

    Thank you for your interest in Green Pasture’s products; appreciates your business.

    Thank you,

    Updated: We are now taking payment by PayPal.

  3. Thank you for your quick reply Caroline. You should hear from me once my current bottle of FCLO runs out.

  4. Hello, We are a group in Regina, SK, starting up a Weston Price chapter. Would you mind letting us know what the costs are to order FCLO directly from Green Pastures in the USA. We are wondering if this would be cheaper than ordering it through you and then shipping to SK as we would be buying larger amounts. Thanks so much for your assistance. Katy

  5. Welcome Katy,
    I would contact Dave at Green Pastures. In larger qualities, buying directly from Green Pastures will be cheaper. Ask Dave if he is still allowing WAPF Chapter Leaders to become “Distributors” for Green Pastures. He was doing this earlier this year. I don’t know if he is still doing so. Regardless, you will get a volume discount for larger orders.

  6. Hi- I have been going nuts trying to find someone who sells the Fermented CLO in Canada. It looks like I’ve hit the spot. My question is the FCLO
    in capsules or liquid ? Also, does the Butter have the FCLO mixed in it?
    Thank you for any info you can provide – Robert

  7. We carry to liquid fermented cod liver oil and fermented skate liver oil. We carry only the pure butter oil. We do not carry the blends, flavors or capsules. If you are looking for these products please order directly from the Green Pastures website.

  8. Hello, it is nice to see a site like your providing information and sources for healthy foods. I was looking for a Canadian source for the FCLO especially for my son who lives in the south Okanagan. I am 50Km from the US border and can drive to pick up orders to bring through customs myself. I do not understand the $17 shipping cost for only 2 bottles when not that long ago I sent from Castlegar to Kelowna a box containing 8 or 9 one half pint heavy glass bottles (filled) weighing several pounds for just over $10. I know this added cost would discourage a young person in his 20’s who is trying to do more about taking care of himself. It costs about $45 for 6 bottles from the US Direct for a non-whole sale customer, and only $18.50 to the border. With your volume discounts perhaps there is room to review your shipping rates??

  9. Hi Ellen,

    If you son is in the Kamloops area he can come and pick up the FCLO without any shipping costs. No, we do not offer volume discounts. To get volume discounts please purchase directly from Green Pastures.
    Personally, I never expected to run a mail order service; I though only local people would want the Green Pastures products. I was very wrong about this! When I do an order, someone has to drive down into Kamloops and deliver the package to the post office. There is costs in gas and staff time to deliver the packages to the post. Of course, we could put all the orders together and ship out only once a week, but most of my customers are not upset with the cost of shipping and want the product as quickly as possible. Thus, we decided to be “timely” but “inefficient”. If you want to save on shipping and order from us, order three or four bottles at a time. The price of shipping varies on where you are, but it usually just adds a few dollars.

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  11. Hi Jamie,

    If you have access to raw dairy taking the FCLO by itself is enough for healthy people. The people that most use the BO with the FCLO do not have access to raw dairy products or are ill and need extra nutrition.

  12. Update October 15, 2012: We have gone back to the old payment method using the credit card and debit system of GO BOX Storage. We can now take VISA and Mastercard again and if you come to the office we can take cash and debit. The PayPal system was too much extra paperwork and accounting for us to do. Yes, we have to charge HST on a supplement.

  13. Update November 12, 2012: We have stopped bringing in Green Pastures butter oil(BO) because the last order was hit with a 313.5% duty coming into Canada. We are trying to get the charges reversed. It may take three to six months to reverse the changes assuming the government will reverse the charges. Until that time, it is not possible for to bring the product into Canada. We will continue to bring in the fermented cod liver oil (FCLO) and fermented skate liver oil (FSLO).

  14. Updated January 4, 2013: We have finally received a response from Canada Border Services Agency after a four month wait. The claim was denied so we are not getting our money back. In the future, we will not be bring in butter oil. I am sorry we cannot bring in this healing supplement for those people that need it.

  15. Hi, would you mind giving a bit more colour on what’s causing the ridiculous duties to be imposed on the butter oil? Seems to be highly repulsive government actions against consumer choices here.

  16. Unfortunately, I am not in the know when it comes to government regulation or duties. You would have to contact them directly for their reasoning for taxing butter oil. We tried to get them to reassess the butter oil as a “supplement” not as a “food” but they refused after four months of waiting.

  17. Hi, Can you give me an estimate of the shipping cost to Calgary, Alberta for a unit of FCLO 237mL (unflavored) $44.00?

  18. Do you think you will ever be bring into Canada the butter oil/cod liver oil blend in capsules from Green Pastures?

  19. Hi Don,

    No, I am not planning on bring in any new products. Hell, I’m having problems bring in the few products I do!

  20. I want to order FCLO but am confused with the price. Is it $44 or $49. And can you tell me if there is a deal if you order more how much it will be and how much S&H will be for Toronto, Canada.

  21. I want to order Green Pastures fermented Cod liver oil and have it shipped to Whistler, BC. My Postal Code is V0N 1B2. Can you please email all the costs and payment method. Thanks.

  22. Hi David,

    The shipping is $17.00 to any postal code in BC. The postage is the same for one or two bottle of FCLO, FSLO or BO. It you want more then two I would need to give you a shipping quote.

  23. I would like to purchase FCLO, I will be in Kamloops next week, do you have it available? Thanks, Beata.

  24. I am waiting on my next order. If the order isn’t stopped at the border it should be here early next week. Call 250.374.4646 first.

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  27. Green Pasture’s math doesn’t quite add up.
    They mention the number of servings in the cod and butter oils (liquid or gel).
    The blend of these is about the same size so naturally you’d assume you would get half the number of servings. But they are approximately the same.

    Can anyone explain this? I can’t believe they are fudging the numbers or making such a simple mathematical error. Or are they assuming you need less because you’re taking both in perfect amounts? If so, that means you’re still better off not getting the blend as its simply cheaper buying them individually I think. PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong. Most of us would much rather take the blend as its just less hassle. Not many people take this stuff because they actually love the taste.

    I did find oil pulling with the cod or skate or butter oils (with just a drop or two) was fantastic. Hold a tiny bit in your mouth for about 20 minutes. Wow. Then rinse out with water very well. Your mouth feels so clean afterwards but also kind of lubricated. A very nice sensation.

  28. Hi Bob. I don’t sell Green Pastures products anymore though I still use them personally. I would direct your questions to Dave at GP.

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