Healthy Household: Four Deodorant Options


Using a piece of organic lime as deodorant is a simple, elegant solution to smelling fresh without being exposed to toxic chemicals. It works amazingly well.

Here are four deodorant options I have found in a number of places on the internet. My favorite, for its simplicity and safety, is fresh lime. It works surprisingly well. My second favorite is the Witch Hazel Spray Deodorant. Witch hazel can be used in numerous preparations including bug sprays.

  1. Piece of Organic Lime Deodorant
    Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir is a master herbalist and runs She has a very simple suggestion for deodorant. Slice a organic lime in half or quarters and apply it directly to your underarms. You can use the lime piece for about a week before needing to replace it. It works great!
  2. Witch Hazel Spray Deodorant
    1/2c witch hazel extract
    1/4c lavender flowers (Lavandula angustifolia) or 30 drops lavender essential oil
    In a glass jar put the lavender flowers and witch hazel. Infuse for three to six weeks. Strain and squeeze out the lavender flowers from the witch hazel. (If you do not have time for doing this infusion, try 30 drops of lavender essential oil directly in the witch hazel.) Pour the lavender infused witch hazel into a recycled spray container. If you do not have a old containers that you can recycle, Mountain Rose Herbs has a finger mister that can be used with their amber glass bottles. Do not throw out these containers! These bottles and finger misters can be used over and over for different preparations. If making deodorant for a man, use 30 drops tea tree essential oil rather than lavender essential oil.
  3. Homemade Stick Deodorant
    6T coconut oil
    1/4c cornstarch (optional)
    1/4c baking soda
    1tsp sage, very finely ground
    6 drops of tea tree essential oil
    Melt the coconut oil and mix in the cornstarch, baking soda and essential oils of choice. For a more individual scent try using other essential oils such as: sage, rosemary, sandalwood, or patchoulia. If you do not use the cornstarch for health reasons, increase the baking soda to 1/2c. You can recycle an old stick deodorant container by refilling it with your homemade deodorant and apply to underarms as usual. Or find a small glass container for the deodorant and apply to underarms with your fingertips.
  4. Mineral Stone Deodorant
    Use a natural mineral stone from your local health food store or buy online at Mountain Rose Herbs. Wet the mineral stone and rub on your underarms.

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