Michael Schmidt Ends 37 Days of Hunger Strike!

Michael Schmidt has met with Premier Dalton McGuinty ending 37 days of his hunger strike. Here is the full story:
Michael Schmidt meets with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty

Thank you, to all the people who have written letters of support for Michael Schmidt. Michael Schmidt has not spoken about the meeting with Premier Dalton McGuinty. I will update this posting when more information becomes available.

Updated November 4, 2011: Here is a statement from Michael Schmidt about his meeting with Premier Dalton McGuinty:
?This hunger strike was about starting a dialogue with the leader of this province. I have been on this human journey for 17 years looking for constructive dialogue, and I have been dragged through the courts for a crime that has no victims. My aim was simple: to take this to the top and to begin a conversation with our leader, one-on-one. To meet, as equal human beings, not as Premier and Farmer. It was because of this that I undertook my hunger strike. And this morning, I met with Premier McGuinty, in his office, and we have begun our dialogue, and because of this, I am ending my hunger strike today.

I have always had my hand outstretched in an offer for dialogue and feel that today, for the first time in 17 years, this hand has been taken and dialogue at the highest level has finally begun. I truly hope that the government will refrain from any further attacks on farmers until this dialogue has had a chance to take its proper course. We will be working closely with MPPs over the coming weeks to table a private member?s bill.?

Updated February 13, 2012: Above is a short video by Shawn Buckley who is a constitutional lawyer living in Kamloops, BC. He runs Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA). The organization’s goal is to “protect access to natural health products and dietary supplements.” Below is a longer video explaining more details about Michael Schmidt legal situation. As Michael Schmidt says near the end of the video: “freedom is not anecdotal.”

Updated February 21, 2012: Here is the Ontario Court of Justice Judgement by Justice P.D. Tetley on September 28, 2011. Section [96] states: “The entitlement to consume milk, raw or otherwise, is not a Charter protected right. Accordingly, the Respondent bears the obligation of establishing that the restrictions on raw milk consumption and the prohibition of its sale and distribution is ?grossly disproportionate? to the legislative objective inherent in the applicable provisions of the Milk Act and the H.P.P.A. This assessment involves consideration of the extent of the alleged Charter infringement, if any, and its significance when contrasted with the interest, or objective, the legislative initiative was enacted to address.”

Here is a PDF of the full Judgement:

6 thoughts on “Michael Schmidt Ends 37 Days of Hunger Strike!

  1. Hi Maureen,

    I am very happy to hear that Michael has stopped his hunger strike and has had a change to see the Premier. These are very early days. I will watch for the draft of legislation that is being proposed. I have no idea of the content or scope of the proposed private member’s bill. I have written in the past about drafting a Family Farm Bill of Rights. This legislation would allow farmers and their families to grow and consume their own food and sell their products to their community without onerous government interference.

    Nevertheless, I am glad Michael will be around to fight another day.


  2. Good for those who are striving to bring good old fashioned healthy food back into our lives!!!! When the government shows real intent to look out for our health by making it illegal for us to consume and use cigarettes and alcohol because there is a threat to our health I might believe that they really have our health interest at heart. In the mean time what I have observed over the years is that the most rigorous efforts to control our consumption comes when we are actually trying to obtain natural products that are actually making us well at last instead of masking the symptoms of our un-wellness!

  3. Hi Sharon,

    I’m not a smoker or much of a drinker but I don’t want the government to stop me from smoking, drinking or doing drugs or herbal medicines if I feel like it. These are examples of victomless crimes. I don’t think it is healthy to hope the government has your best interest at heart regarding what you put in your body. Government’s main function is control of the public. Lord William Rees-Mogg writes in The Sovereign Individual, governments are “protection rackets”.

    I would like to give you one historical example of how controlling the “sins” of the masses work for the benefit, and monetary enrichment, of the government. At one time farmers had the right to use a still and convert their extra grains and corn into alcohol. They could even burn this fuel in their Ford Model T automobiles. They were a very independence group of people with their own food and fuel supply. Prohibition stopped the home distilling. It also stopped men meeting at local bars and pubs and commiserating about social and sometimes political issues.

    Well, now we can drink but you haven’t seen the return of the home still. Biofuel production is now controlled by the government and their evil twin, large corporations. The tradition of pubs and local drinking halls for meeting and discussing political issues has been replaced by the TV and private home intoxication, a much more dangerous form of drinking for the individual. Ask any Alcoholic. Social conversation of a political nature has almost stopped, leaving the conversation to the professional politician. Now, most of us don’t even understand the political conversation that is occurring, nor appreciate the ramifications of the enacted legislation, we all will have to follow.

  4. This is good news! Lets keep the letters pouring in to the Ontario Premier to keep him constantly aware of our concern.

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Yes, it is important to continue to communicate with our government. I hope that our voices will be heard.

    Thank you for the beautiful photos. I have put the photos in a number of spots on the website.


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