Riverland Farms: Pastured Chicken for Sale

I just received a letter from Genevieve Stroulger of Riverland Farms. Next week she will be slaughtering about 300 pastured chickens. I know many readers of eatkamloops.org have asked us for information about local pastured chicken. Below is part of her letter and contact information:

We are writing this letter to give you a bit of background about Riverland Farms, in hopes that you will purchase our chicken and allow us to be one of your food providers now and in the future. We are located on the banks of the South Thompson River, east of Rivershore Golf Course.

We are passionate about raising quality meat from chickens who are raised in the pasture. Our pens are portable so that we can move them often throughout the season to provide them with fresh grass and alfalfa. We believe a chicken should live the life of a chicken:?eating high quality locally raised grains, alfalfa, grass, and bugs, and waking up to the sun!? The quality of the meat produced is superior in texture and taste.

Our meat is processed at a local family owned processing plant in Pritchard, BC and is government inspected. This year the inspector was so impressed that she bought some of our chicken!?Some local restaurants are trying out our chicken on their menus as well! We would be happy to answer any questions you have.

We are running a special. If you purchase 20 chickens we will give you 10% off. Our price is $4.00 per pound.

Riverland Farm
Genevieve Stroulger
4336 Stevenson Rd, Kamloops, BC, V2H 1S8
C: 250.571.3486
E: stroulger.ga(a)gmail.com
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