Sally Fallon on Raw Milk

One resource I am very happy to have access to is the Weston A Price Chapter Leaders bulletin board. This yahoo group is a way for WAPF Chapter Leaders all over the world to communicate with each other. The group keeps me up-to-date with new information and screens material through an incredible group of knowledgeable people. The hard part for me is choosing the best information to pass on.

This lecture is 1:15 minutes by Sally Fallon to the Northeast Organic Farming Association, Massachusetts Chapter. Please have patience with the poor audio quality. The content is excellent. Sally Fallon talks about the safety issues around raw milk. She talks passionately about the health of children and what we as parents can do to help ensure our children become healthy adults. She answers questions from the audience which I found very interesting.

I hope you enjoy Sally Fallon talking about Raw Milk to NOFA Massachusetts Chapter.