New Herdshare Program in Prince George, BC


Hunny-Do Ranch is near Prince George, BC. They run a herdshare and produce grass-fed beef, pork, chicken and turkey. Photo from Hunny-Do Ranch.

There is a new herdshare program in Prince George, BC started by Hunny-Do Ranch. They are selling shares for milk. They have raw colostrum, raw butter and free range eggs available. They are hoping to have raw cream, raw yogurt, raw kefir, raw cheese, pastured pork and pastured beef coming soon. Please contact Lesley for more information at Hunny-Do Ranch.

I have never tried their products. If you decide to order raw butter get it unsalted. Good raw butter will have a dark yellow color. If the raw butter is dark yellow with an orange tinge, you are looking at an exceptional product. This butter is produced for a few weeks in the spring and fall when the grass is growing fast and will have the best nutritional value. Raw butter freezes well. I froze 50 pounds of raw butter from Organic Pastures last November and I am still enjoying the product.

If you are looking for up-to-date information about a herdshare program in your area please go to If you are interested in the political situation around raw milk in Canada please go to