Emergency Preparation: Target Focus Training

WARNING: This post is a departure from the normal topics on this website.


Target Focus Training isn’t self-defense training, it’s target-attack training.

“Violence is rarely the answer but when it is, it’s the ONLY answer.”
Target Focus Training Sourcebook by Tim Larkin

While our children are in the household, we have the power to protect them from violence. But as our children grow and leave home we loose the power to protect. Therefore, it is our responsibly as parents to make sure our young adults are taught how to protect themselves before they leave the household.

I started looking for a self-defense training program for my daughters after a recent reminder of how dangerous this world can be for young women. I was looking for a no nonsense program that didn’t take years to master and could be learned quickly and forgotten until needed. I wanted a program that didn’t require size, strength or speed. I was also looking for a program that understood the true nature of violence and taught the participant when to use lethal force, if the unthinkable happens. I found all of this and much more with Target Focus Training.

TFT isn’t self-defense training, it’s target-attack training. “You do what you train.”

  1. TFT explains the difference between social aggression and asocial violence. “Social aggression is: avoidable, survivable and can be solved using social skills? Asocial violence is: lethal, unaffected by social skills and requires decisive action.” This training is only useful when a person realizes they are dealing with a sadistic bastard that’s going to maim, rape or kill. In that case, “injury him now.” This training would NEVER be used to solve social aggression issues.
  2. The techniques used by TFT are based on “spinal reflexes” which are predictable actions from a strike. It doesn’t matter that the person is “bigger, stronger, meaner and armed”, the spinal reflex will cause a predictable response, every time.
  3. TFT teaches over 200 points on the human body that can be struck with devastating effect. At the same time, you don’t need to know all the points to be effective. It doesn’t matter if you are small, weak or slow. Even a child can do many of these moves. Learning just a few target points will make a person very effective in a survival situation… But you have to have the will to destroy the target.
  4. TFT teaches that in a survival situation: “You do what you train.” This means, even having years of martial arts training might not be enough during a true survival situation because you will play fair and follow the rules. With Target Focus Training you will know when to get in there and “injury him now”.

Hopefully, my daughters will never need to use this training, but if they do, they will know what to do. If you are interested in Target Focus Training, they have video training programs and live training. I highly recommend the program. Stay safe.


Target Focus Training will acquaint you with over 200 Achilles’ heels on the human body.

For more information please see the Emergency Preparation Series.



The GO BOX Permaculture Project has had a bumper crop of raspberries!

It’s time for the GO BOX Storage FREE U-PICK!

PLEASE check into the office first and we will show you where to pick. We have TONS of cherries, some currants, and TONS of raspberries. We are located at 2853 Bowers Pl, Kamloops.

The FREE U-PICK is open from 9am to noon on Monday to Friday, July 11-15th, 2016. PLEASE come ONLY during these times. Thanks.

To find GO BOX Storage see this Google Map.


We also have lots of cherries to share!


And there’s still some currents and gooseberries available!



This is best raspberry crop we’ve had in the eight years we have been in Kamloops! The berries are huge!

GO BOX Storage is having a FREE u-pick for raspberries, sour cherries and red currents! The FREE u-pick will be for the week of July 21-25, 2014. Come and join us for a day of GLEANING WITHOUT GOVERNMENT.

It’s easy to get involved with the FREE u-pick:

  1. Like GO BOX Storage and the GO BOX Permaculture Project on Facebook.
  2. If you have already done so, get a friend to like us on Facebook. Bring your friend to the u-pick. It’s always more fun to u-pick with friends!
  3. Call before coming at 250.374.4646. The u-pick is open Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm. We need to know when you are coming to avoid the u-pick being picked-out for the day.

If your wondering what GLEANING WITHOUT GOVERNMENT money is all about please see: Why does society need to pay $45,000 to glean FREE fruit?


Sour cherries are packed with anthocyanins which naturally decreases inflammation.

Here’s more about the health benefits of sour cherries.

Mobile Chicken Housing: Photo Essay


Here are the hens getting used to the new location after a move. They really like lawn clippings for their nesting boxes.

GUEST POST by Shaen Cooper

I guess an occupational hazard of running a mobile storage company like GO BOX Storage, is wanting to make everything “mobile”. Over the last few years, I have moved away from permanent structures to mobile structures for our permaculture activities. There is a real flexibility in going mobile.

There is no right or wrong way to do mobile housing. Nor will everything I do work in all situations but the idea of mobile housing for livestock should be considered. Many of us move regularly and having mobile housing will save money and increase choice. Moving livestock to new location — at least seasonally — will break the pathogen cycle and help maintain healthy livestock. The elements of our Mobile Chicken Housing are:

  1. A chicken hutch that can be moved with a forklift.
  2. Fencing that can be rolled up and moved to another location. The posts can be removed and used again.
  3. We use goboxes for storing livestock feed and farming equipment. The goboxes are moved with a forklift, making moving a breeze.

This mobile chicken house can be moved with a forklift. The tarp catches the chicken manure for later use in the garden or to super-charge the compost pile.

I use cement blocks and wood shims to level the mobile chicken house so any slope is suitable. The white tarp is to catch the chicken manure that falls through the mesh floor of the chicken house. The mesh floor makes a healthy environment for the chickens and avoids to onerous task of mucking out the chicken house.


This is one of two chicken runs for our layers. The goboxes are used to store feed and equipment.


Chickens love to free-range, but they are vigorous scratchers, and can damage plants quickly.

Chickens are not vegetarians. Chickens are omnivores, like us. Their favorite food is bugs and they spend all day scratching to find their preferred food. Chickens that lay eggs need a very high fat and protein diet or they will stop laying.

Freedom From “The Treadmill”

I have found myself increasingly distressed by the thought that my children will not be able to afford to own a home. Or if they do decide to buy, they will be mortgage slaves for decades. Contemplating these morbid thoughts led me to research tiny homes. Tiny homes are a solution to our over-consumptive practices, and tiny mobile homes deal with our cultural habit of moving for jobs.

But tiny homes are not enough. I started asking the question: “What about building tiny homes from natural materials from local sources?” This question brought my research to a new level, but I realized my next home will never meet BC Building Code.

My next dream house will be off-the-grid and will cost next to nothing. The house will be a passive solar structure made out of local materials. The house will generate its own power, collect its own water, and process its own waste. Materials will depend on the location, but I like the idea of a post-and-beam house with cob walls. I see bucket toilets and a radical plumbing system as part of my future. I will have to build without permits, thus my house will have to be stealthy. The powers-that-be see my dream home as unsafe, unsavory, and maybe even a health hazard!

But I don’t buy into that view anymore. I wonder why the government even cares if I live in a mud house ? but by doing so ? I stop buying into 30 year mortgages. I avoid self-imposed mortgage slavery. I get off the treadmill of debt. Who knows what kind of mischief I might get into with all that free time!

GO BOX Storage has donated The Hand Sculpted House: A Practical and Philosophical Guide to Building a Cob Cottage by Ianto Evans to the Kamloops Public Library. I hope the book helps you find your own brand of freedom.


What would it be like if we could build our own homes? What would we do with our time if we didn’t have to work for the bank?